You survived another holiday season and it is time to reward yourself for all the chaos, stress, and emotional drama that often accompanies the most “wonderful” time of the year and we at Alabama Beach Vacation Rentals think that reward should begin and end with a fun filled trip to our Alabama hometown. Offering warmer weather than you might be experiencing in your own wintry town, sunny days, and the call of the Gulf, every adventure you enjoy will help fray the tattered edges of your soul and help you forget the drama that is taking up rent in your brain. This guide to spending your first days and nights of 2024 in Gulf Shores in our comfortable escapes will give you an idea of what to expect.

Sunsets on the Beach

At the new year, we often suggest taking at least one day to rise with the sun, but this vacation is about relaxation and recuperation (the holidays can be brutal) and so we advise you to sleep in as late as you like and enjoy the reverse show at sunset! White sand beaches will have retained the heat of the afternoon sun, (temps rarely drops below 60 degrees) so go ahead and slip out of those flip flops and bury your toes in that soft sand and watch the fire in the sky begin. There are multiple ways to enjoy the show, either sitting on a towel reveling in the peace and quiet the Gulf brings, by walking along shore’s edge, nodding greetings to all who walk the opposite way, or by finding a beach bar with outdoor tables and delicious beverages to accompany these first wonderful moments in 2024.

Time to Play

Here’s the thing. Your calendar for 2024 may be empty at the moment, offering 365 days of blank space just waiting to be filled in, but you know it won’t stay that way for long. School events, meetings at work, chores at home, even social activities with the friends you love will soon start appearing and just as in 2023, 2022, and all the years before you will be tired. Which makes this first vacation of the new year extremely important, setting the tone for all that comes after and making it the ideal time to play. We have listed below some of our favorite ways of playing in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and, of course, Fort Morgan, ensuring that laughter will come quickly and relaxation will be complete.

Arena The Next Level, 4720 Main Street Suite 205 in Orange Beach, The Wharf

Our 80s children remember spending hours at the arcade, hanging with friends and working to get our names as close to the top of the top players list as possible and during your Alabama getaway, you can do that again at Arena the Next Level. This arcade offers 7,500 square feet of space filled with a variety of games, not just video games but gaming tables, basketball games, and even the Claw machine that you used to be so good at, winning your girlfriend all sorts of prizes. Obviously, if you are traveling with children this is going to make them happy as well, but you know, deep in your heart that a trip to the arcade is really meant for you!

Cool Shots Selfie Museum, 4700B Main Street Suite N-207 in Orange Beach, The Wharf

Have teens? A visit to the Cool Shots Selfie Museum should be the first spot on your list, offering a variety of backdrops in front of which your future influencer can show off all the ways he or she is enjoying his Alabama vacation! And the backdrops are so cool, don’t be surprised if you find yourself sneaking in a few for your own social media sites as well, it really is fun and surprisingly affordable.

Coastal Segway Adventures, 21101 AL-135 in Gulf Shores

The weather promises to be beautiful for a Segway exploration of Gulf State Park, 20115 State Park Road, and Coastal Segway Adventures provides the guidance you need to do just that. Offering 1 and 2-hour guided tours of what we consider one of the most beautiful state parks in the world, they also offer bike rentals and for your return visit in the summer, kayak, and paddleboard tours.

Stay in and Explore

Sleeping in late every day, cuddling with your fur baby in our pet-friendly rentals, watching the sun set from your balcony overlooking the Gulf, all of these activities are destined to ensure that you start out this brand new year in the best way! Offering all the comforts of home beautifully blended with the modern conveniences that make travel fun, our Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Fort Morgan sanctuaries will be an integral part of your Alabama getaway. Reserve your favorite today!