Fishing Trip? Try These 3 Fishing Sites in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

Nothing’s better than coastal catches in the Gulf: you could be casting off the side of a boat, braving the vast waters, witnessing a variety of aquatic life underneath you that you can’t find inland. Or surf fishing on white sandy beaches, enjoying a panoramic view of the sea, surf, and sunset.

With miles of shoreline for marine activities, both Gulf Shores and Orange Beach draw in such a large crowd of experienced fishermen from all year round, you’re bound to return with the perfect catch to brag about back home. The question is where to cast your line.

The Wharf Marina in Orange Beach

The Wharf Marina in Orange Beach, Alabama is Gulf Shore’s largest nautical site facility for fishermen and boaters. Packed with restaurants, bars, shopping, and event spaces, the Wharf is built for the sojourner’s convenience. And since it’s a marina, you can get services like fishing tours, long and short-term slip rentals for deep-water excursions, fishing supplies, and boating essentials from nearby shops.

The Wharf is also home to the most prominent sportfishing tournaments in the Gulf, the most popular sportfishing tournament of them all being the Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship Series. It’s a multi-tournament group competition that takes place along the Gulf Coast annually between May and July.

This is appealing for those familiar with handling billfish like spearfish, swordfish, and marlin. And for those wanting a relaxing fishing experience, they’ll be glad to know that the tournament is overall lighthearted and designed for fun; All fish are released immediately after.

Gulf State Park Fishing and Education Pier

You can find both freshwater and saltwater fishing at Gulf State Park Pier. The lakes there – Lake Shelby, Middle Lake, and Little Lake – offer freshwater fish like catfish, bream, and bass. But before you go, you’ll need a freshwater or saltwater license, which you can purchase online. If deep water fishing is what you want, Lake Shelby and Lake Middle have ramps that you can use for a small fee.

The park is home to more than just fishing, though, as the name suggests. The ‘education’ part of the name refers to the informational signs regarding the native birds and aquatic life, including warning signs about alligator sightings. Please remember to review Gulf State Park’s Wildlife Safety Recommendations for how to stay safe while there.

The pier itself is grand, with comfort stations at the midway point, wheelchair-accessible rail fishing, rod/reel rentals, and daily fishing permits attached to daily parking pass purchases. It’s home to the longest pier on the Gulf of Mexico, after all: an impressive 1,540 feet, which stands over large king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, speckled trout, ladyfish, and bluefish populations.

Moreover, it makes room for over 2,000 feet of fishing space, which means there are quite a few kinds of fish to find in several areas. Local anglers advise bringing more than a single change of tackle. Luckily there are bait and tackle shops nearby. Just be careful if you’re new to saltwater fishing: some saltwater fish there are known to bite!

Fort Morgan Fishing Adventures

Fort Morgan sits at the westmost tip of Gulf Shores. It’s an ancient piece of history that’s surrounded by shores, which makes way for plenty of marine activities. If considering a beach rental, not only can you experience fishing at Fort Morgan in several ways, it’ll be more convenient to travel to and from and thus open up additional space in your vacation schedule.

You should know Dixie Bar and Navy Cove are hot spots for Redfish, though if you’re looking for a quieter place away from Mobile Bay’s ship channel, Navy Cove is recommended. The Cove is east facing South Bank and is serviceable for kayak and canoe fishing. For spotted seatrout, the shore at Fort Morgan’s fishing beach provides a scenic view of the Gulf as well as some traditional surf fishing. Look to your east and you’ll see Fort Morgan, where additional boat and kayak ramps are. But don’t forget about Fort Morgan Fishing Marina along South Bank. Charter fishing services are available for those looking for deep-sea catches.