Sometimes when we think back to our own earlier travels, we have to marvel at how things have changed, especially with the advent of Airbnb and the realization that vacation homes and condos just make more sense. Generally ending up to be less expensive, while also offering so much more, it is no wonder that once we choose our vacation destination, our next scrolling location often takes us to straight to the Airbnb website. But while doing this, we have also become complacent, preferring the ease of one stop shopping, something that may often no longer be considered the cheapest way to find a home sweet vacation home, especially when your destination is Gulf Shores, Alabama and today, we at Alabama Beach Vacation Rentals want to take a few minutes from your day to discuss the top reasons you should be moving away from Airbnb and towards the less expensive option of booking directly in Gulf Shores.

Lower Fees When Booking Directly in Gulf Shores

Have you actually read the fine print on the Airbnb listings lately? Seemingly offering lower by the day costs, there can also be additional cleaning fees, parking fees, damage waiver fees, even linen rental fees in certain areas of the United States. But what can really jack up the cost of your sweet vacation escape is the Airbnb service fee, reaching into the hundreds of dollars, (again, depending on where you choose to rent). Nowhere does it say what the Airbnb service fee covers, and because we understand that the company has to earn money too, we don’t completely disagree that one should be charged. But for your Gulf Shores getaway, you can skip most of the fees and enjoy many of the same amenities and similar spaces at much level costs and as any savvy traveler knows, getting more for less is the best way to explore this beautiful world!

We May Charge Less Overall

Airbnb doesn’t just charge fees to renters; they charge fees to property owners as well, (dipping from both ends) and we would just as soon skip the fees ourselves and pass the savings onto you. Vacations can be expensive, and the savings you can garner by booking direct can be put to better use, maybe towards more souvenirs or a visit or two to a special occasion restaurant. You will already be saving by choosing a vacation home or condo with a fully equipped kitchen, (dining in occasionally can help ease the strain on your budget) but who wants to say no to saving even more?

Last Minute Getaway? There May Be Better Deals!

Airbnb doesn’t really care whether they rent the homes, condos, or rooms they list, (but maybe they should, because they don’t get paid unless the property is rented) but the owners of the properties we manage DO care. And because empty beds are the enemy in the vacation rental business, there may be special deals available for those last-minute getaways travelers can sometimes experience. You may not even realize that you are getting a deal until you see the breakdown of fees on your booking, noticing that some nights cost less, simply because the beds would have been empty without you, and why shouldn’t you be rewarded for helping us out? When you choose Airbnb to find your own vacation dream home come true, finding a deal will not be a part of the equation.

More Options to Choose From

Offering luxurious vacation homes and condos that are exclusive to our Alabama Beach Vacation Rentals family ensures that you will have more options when it comes time to pick the one that fits your traveling party best. Airbnb may offer a selection of Gulf Shores getaways, but it is a limited selection, unlike what you will find with us. Luxury matters to discerning travelers, and when you visit our website directly you will have access to the best of the best, most of which you won’t find anywhere else. Sharing secrets to a successful vacation is something we do well, and this next secret will serve you well: The best vacation properties are often found by booking directly with the company. Airbnb doesn’t get access to the top accommodations; many times they only offer the ones that property management associations and private homeowners couldn’t rent out on their own websites.

That Personal Touch

Do you need a highchair for your infant? Would you prefer the two twin beds in the second bedroom be a king bed instead? Are you wondering if the property you chose offers a blender in addition to the coffee maker? With Airbnb, you may need to just cross your fingers and hope that your wishes are fulfilled, but when booking directly in Gulf Shores, all you have to do is ask. That personal touch includes ensuring that all our customers’ needs are met, and we even provide a link where guests can ask us whatever they like. Better yet, our phone number is easily found at the top of every listing, so go ahead, pick up your cell phone and call us to get all your questions answered. If it is after hours, we will return your call the next day during normal business hours, something that Airbnb can’t promise to do.

When a Problem Arises

Honestly, we work extremely hard to make sure your vacation experience with us is a flawless one, but this is real life and stuff happens. Bad storms can send branches through windows, water heaters can fail with no warning, or maybe all you need is to learn how to work the fancy remote that goes with the smart television in your condo. When you book direct, you also have direct contact with the people who can fix your problems: stopping in to tape up the window, replacing the water heater within hours of your call, and yes, sitting on the phone with you, going step by step over the utilization of the remote, hanging in there until you feel confident you have the hang of it. Additionally, our company is located in the Gulf Shores area, ensuring that whatever issue arises we can be there within minutes. But Airbnb? Their main headquarters are in San Francisco, so chances are it will be a while before you have resolution.

Welcome to Gulf Shores! Here Are a Few Suggestions to Add to Your Itinerary

When you rent from Airbnb, you may end up flying blind, arriving in a new town with no idea on how you are going to fill all 168 hours of your Alabama vacation. When you book directly with Alabama Beach Vacation Rentals you have access to blogs with ideas that will help you plan a family vacation, an arty getaway, even a solo traveler’s thrill-seeking adventures. We are happy to tell you that the playground at Kid’s Park will offer the best way to help your kiddo burn off all that extra energy and that Lulu’s Gulf Shores is not just a fantastic family restaurant, it is owned by the sister of the late, great Jimmy Buffett. We want you to have the best vacation of your lifetime and we put many hours into researching all the best places in town as well as learning all the places you should avoid. (Not surprisingly, the latter list is quite small! Gulf Shores is an idyllic town just waiting to entertain and amaze travelers.)

Support Small Business

Although Airbnb started out as a humble “couch surfing” website, today the company is worth an unimaginable 4.7 billion dollars, with most of the money they are bringing in going directly into the pockets of the owners, probably somewhere in San Francisco. Property management companies like Alabama Beach Vacation Rentals, however, put all that money back into the economy of Gulf Shores. We are a small business, and when you book from us, you are investing in small towns and the best needs of our country. We live here and buy our groceries from the same stores we recommended to you, our children go to the schools here, and when a small town succeeds, the effect is world changing. There is nothing wrong with making money, but when you support a small business, you create jobs and help the economy thrive, so in a sense, choosing to book directly from us is your way of doing a good deed while you are having a great time.

Guaranteed to Get the Home You Booked

You put a lot of time and effort scrolling through the pictures posted on any vacation website, enlarging pics to determine if that is indeed a Sony Smart TV or if the bed posted looks as soft as the description states, and with ALBVR, we understand the importance of the pictures we post. Multiple views of every room will be displayed, giving travelers a complete portrait of what they can expect when they walk in the door for the first time, ensuring that you will know that the home you booked all those weeks ago will be the one that you spend the most comfortable week of your life in. And although we aren’t saying that Airbnb is guilty of a bait and switch, we will say that you can’t always be sure of the same when you are working with a big corporation.


All vacations are not the same, and all flight arrivals vary, so why should you have to wait three hours to check into your vacation property simply because the flight you chose arrived at 11 AM? Flexibility is as important for the vacation home you choose as it for you, and with the advent of self-check-in, in most cases we can work with you, allowing you to check in at the time that is most convenient to your schedule. If you have ever spent a few hours wandering the streets of the city you are exploring, lugging suitcases behind you, this above all will be most appreciated and is something that often can’t be accommodated when you choose Airbnb. Schedules are strictly observed. and flexibility is only expected from their guests, not from the services they provide.

That Southern Hospitality

As we have stated a few times, Airbnb is based out of San Francisco, and although it is known for its scenic views, its historic homes, and the crookedest road in America, the Golden Gate City is not known for its hospitality, something we Southerners provide an overabundance of. We love our guests, and when you choose to book directly from Alabama Beach Vacation Rentals, chances are the person on the other end of the line (either website or phone) will have been raised on grits and will probably say y’all more than once or twice during your conversation. Our hospitality, our inborn kindness, and our love for making guests feel welcomed and treasured will make your Gulf Shores getaway a vacation you will never forget!

Find Your Joy

Your annual vacation should be an experience that makes you forget about the stresses of real life, that helps you recuperate from angry bosses, unsatisfactory parent/teacher conferences, and that to-do list that seems to grow longer every day, no matter how many items you check off. We at Alabama Beach Vacation Rentals make it our job to make your escape to Gulf Shores one filled with joy, comfort, and all the relaxation you deserve. Skip Airbnb and go to our website directly, reserving the hideaway that will make you happy and filled with joy. What are you waiting for? Reserve your favorite property today!