As the holiday season rolls into full on panic mode for most Americans, Thanksgiving offers the last bit of quiet before the chaos of Christmas begins and you may be deciding that a trip away from home is what will make you the most thankful! Imagine being able to enjoy a beautiful dinner with just the ones you love the most, not having to listen to Uncle Harold complain that your turkey is dry, and not having to work your fingers to the bone to ensure that your home is able to meet your mother-in-law’s most exacting standards. If a Thanksgiving journey does appeal to you, we at Alabama Beach Vacation Rentals can take your adventures to the next level of excitement and wonder when you choose a stay in any of our Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, or Fort Morgan holiday havens! Turkey digests best with a walk along sandy shores and this guide to the perfect Thanksgiving in Alabama will help you make this holiday one you will never forget! 

Let Someone Else Do the Cooking 

Every year you break your back and bank account preparing a feast that is devoured in minutes and forgotten equally quickly, making 2023 the perfect year to let someone else do all the cooking! Fisher’s, located at 27075 Marina Road in Orange Beach, has been the place to go for Thanksgiving for more than a minute, taking the traditional turkey meal to the next level, just as they do for every meal they normally serve! Providing classic dishes that include brown butter sweet potatoes, it is their oyster Tasso cornbread that we crave, to the point we have even ordered big ole batches of it for our Thanksgiving dinners at home!  

For our Gulf Shores visitors, the Hangout is where you will want to hang out on Turkey Day! Located at 101 E Beach Boulevard in Gulf Shores and offering beach views that will make their traditional meal taste even better, the music of waves crashing against the shore provides the perfect accompaniment to your family meal, or if you are traveling with friends, your first Friendsgiving away from home! The best news is that if you are staying in our Fort Morgan escapes, both of these wonderful restaurants are close to your front door, so you get to choose! 

Get a Jump on your Christmas Shopping 

There really is no way to avoid Christmas (unless you don’t celebrate it, of course!) at Thanksgiving, but that’s ok. Getting a jump start on your Christmas shopping is always more fun in stores you have never visited before! Pick up something perfectly beachy at the Beach House Boutique, located at 3800 Gulf Shores Parkway, Suite 320 in Gulf Shores, extending the beach vibe into real life, especially when you make the first person you shop for yourself!  

Something glittery is always appreciated at Christmas and Treasure Chest, 27267 Perdido Beach Boulevard. Suite 111 in Orange Beach sells both women’s clothing and shiny jewelry pieces everyone will love to find under their tree. Pick up a sea turtle necklace as a reminder of all the wonderful times you had during your Alabama holiday of thankfulness, something that will convince those who weren’t able to join you on your holiday away to join in the fun next year! And although they won’t be open on Thanksgiving Day, why not stop by the Fort Morgan giftshop to purchase a meaningful gift that will always remind you of the history of this beautiful area? Located at Fort Morgan State Historic Site, the store is open pretty much everyday from 9 am until 4 pm, leaving shoppers with plenty of time to explore the site before or after! 

Everything You Need For The Perfect Beachgiving Celebration! 

Of course, you may decide that everything you need for the perfect BEACH-giving celebration can be found right here in our Alabama Beach Vacation Rentals holiday hideaways! Offering gourmet kitchens for creating the feast of your dreams, comfortable sofas to nap on after the tryptophan in the turkey makes you sleepy, sofas that are conveniently placed in front of super-sized state of the art televisions that will make you feel as if you have seats on the 50-yard line of your favorite game!  

Gather round large dining tables with friends and/or family and give thanks for each other, as well as for the sea that is often located within steps of your vacation home! And if you do participate in some Black Friday shopping, you will find plenty of room to store the packages that were loaded into your rental car! Bringing peace, happiness, and probably a lot of naps, our properties are designed to make you feel welcomed and at home, even during the holidays! Reserve your favorite today!