This is a Covid-19 local update from ALBVR: Alabama is beginning to plan the re-opening of restaurants, businesses, and the beaches. They have assembled a task force to discuss the appropriate action. The City of Gulf Shores shared recommendations with that task force. Governor Ivey has not released any plans concerning Covid-19 re-opening, but, as soon as this information becomes available, we will post it on this blog. But, the idea that we are investigating how to re-open Alabama and get back to some level of normalcy is encouraging! We hope that everyone is safe and well at home. We will keep you in informed of any updates as we get them. You can see those updates through our mailing list and this blog. Please read the condensed information below from the city of Gulf Shores.

Recommendations on Reopening Local Businesses and Beaches from the City of Gulf Shores.

Officials are presently discussing plans on how to safely restart our country’s economy. So, the city of Gulf Shores began similar conversations with Governor Ivey’s office, along with the Alabama Small Business Commission Emergency Task Force Subcommittee. Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth appointed this subcommittee. Senator Chris Elliott joined the discussions on how Alabama can begin to recover while remaining diligent. The city of Gulf Shores provided our recommendations to these discussions yesterday, after a lengthy discussion with State Health Officer, Dr. Scott Harris. The discussions included specific issues related to safely opening our beaches and our local tourism economy.

It is our belief that we must collectively develop a gradual and measured approach that can evolve as needed. This might include requiring businesses to reopen under modified conditions, because we are concerned for people’s safety. We must all adapt to a “new normal”. Many of our local businesses, their employees and their families are barely hanging on. Their future is uncertain and federal business assistance programs are now out of money. It appears that the only chance of survival for our local businesses is for all of us to find a way to safely move forward together.

Below are the specific recommendations the city of Gulf Shores has provided subject to continued improvements related to COVID-19.

Small Businesses and Food and Beverage Establishments

May 1: All small businesses previously closed can reopen. Food and beverage establishments may offer on-premise consumption subject to social distancing guidelines as set by the State Health Officer.

Medical and Dental Offices

May 1: All medical and dental offices previously closed can reopen. Elective procedures may resume subject to social distancing guidelines set by the State Health Officer.


May 1: All beaches may reopen for limited recreational use only. The following will be permitted: Walking, running, swimming, surfing, fishing or other similar activities. The following will not be permitted: Congregating and the use of chairs, tents and/or umbrellas. All of these options are contingent on following social distancing guidelines.

May 15: All beaches can reopen for normal activities while being subject to compliance with social distancing guidelines as set by the State Health Officer.