Covid-19, Go away!

Come see us when it’s gone.

Covid-19 virus has presented us with unprecedented challenges. Because of this current state of affairs, I’m confident that a vacation rental is the last thing on everyone’s mind. We completely understand. We want you to know that we will be here when you are ready. We all hope we can return to our normal lives very soon, but we understand that none of us know exactly what the future holds.

As we wait for the Covid-19 Virus to pass, I have caught myself thinking a little bit about my next vacation. It helps me get through these tough times. Someday soon, I hope to be sitting with my toes in the sand while surrounded by my family and watching the waves roll ashore! It’s these kind of thoughts that help me and I am sure most of you, keep going. It’s a nice distraction from watching the news about this virus that has changed all of our lives. Visions of white sandy beaches and the turquoise waters are inspiring me to pull through these surreal times. The thought of a really nice vacation is where my thoughts are right now. If you have any questions about changing your reservations or making new reservations, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.