The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo became famous after several hurricane’s in 2004 and 2005. Each storm forced the zoo to evacuate the animals. Because of the storms, a need for a safer environment became apparent. Several local residents, Clyde Weir and his daughter Andrea, were gracious enough to donated 25 acres to the zoo. The new property is located on a much higher and drier location.

The plight of the Zoo was so well publicized that Animal Planet turned the story into a prime time TV series. They called the series: “The Little Zoo That Could”. This title seemed very appropriate due to the many hurdles the zoo had to be overcome.

Getting Fundraising for a not-for-profit organization is hard enough, but the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo had to combat the financial recession of 2008. The BP Oil Spill in 2010 was also a factor. Still, the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo persevered and reopened to the local community and vacationers this past Saturday (March 11th). The new Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo features nearly 500 animals, 118 species and 22 critically endangered, vulnerable, or near threatened species.

As the zoo starts a new chapter in its history, they welcome people back! Spring breakers, snowbirds, local residents and tourists are a large part of the zoo’s visitors. Visit Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo on your next vacation and come see what all the fuss is about! If you have any questions about Gulf Shores or our vacation rentals in Gulf Shores, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.