The Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has issued a petition in support of the Alabama Department of Transportation’s proposed new bridge spanning the Inter-coastal Waterway. This effort is endorsed by the Cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. You can view an aerial map of the potential road improvement through the link provided below.

You can read and sign the petition through the link provided. Support for this project will show our elected officials that we support and need an additional bridge for the communities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

Please note: Through the signing process, you will be asked to donate to, but this is not a requirement. No funds come to our area directly through this effort. Do not feel obligated to contribute.

An additional bridge has been discussed in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach communities for more than a decade. The need to alleviate traffic on and off of the island is becoming more pressing as tourism to the island continues to grow year after year. It’s important to note that the current petition and plan is to have NO toll for the bridge!

Here’s the link to the petition, if you would like to sign it: