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Zeke’s Restaurant

Situated in the charming town of Orange Beach, Alabama, Zeke’s Restaurant is the destination for delectable seafood and refreshing salads that will definitely awaken your senses. Renowned for its outstanding menu, welcoming ambiance, and unparalleled service, this coastal gem takes pride in being a favorite choice of both locals and visitors alike.

A Paradise for Seafood Enthusiasts

Sourcing the freshest seafood directly from the surrounding Gulf Coast waters, Zeke’s Restaurant truly is a paradise for seafood enthusiasts. From plump oysters, delicately sautéed scallops, succulent shrimps to rich, creamy crab bisque and lightly battered fish filets, Zeke’s variety of seafood choices is as bountiful as the ocean itself. Not to forget, their signature seafood platter offers a smorgasbord of deep-fried seafood varieties, designed for the true sea-foodie.

Each seafood dish at Zeke’s exudes a beautiful symphony of flavors and colors that showcase the mastery of their seasoned chefs. They maintain the essence and purity of the seafood by using only high-quality ingredients, prepared with meticulous precision and detail, highlighting the subtle taste of the sea.

Beyond Seafood at Zeke’s Restaurant

Moreover, Zeke’s is not all about seafood; it’s a hotspot for salad lovers as well. Their crisp, fresh salads, boasting a mixture of local vegetables and a burst of vibrant flavors are a feast to both eyes and palate. From classic garden salads to extravagant seafood Caesar salad featuring perfectly cooked shrimps and flaky crab meat, Zeke’s Salad menu provides an exciting variety of options. They take extra care in handcrafting their salad dressings, which adds an extra special touch to each bite.

Coastal Atmosphere

The atmosphere at Zeke’s Restaurant further enhances the dining experience. The rustic coastal-themed interiors coupled with their staff’s Southern hospitality make it a place where one can unwind, dine and feel like part of the Zeke’s family. You can enjoy your meal either inside the comforting indoor space or choose to dine al fresco on their charming outdoor patio.

What adds more charm to Zeke’s is their unwavering commitment to delivering quality food and service. They continue to refine and expand their menu options while keeping their beloved classics, catering to diverse taste preferences and dietary needs.

Enjoy Dining at Zeke’s Restaurant in Orange Beach, AL

In a nutshell, Zeke’s Restaurant offers a splendid coastal dining experience with its delicious seafood, refreshing salads, and welcoming ambiance. It’s more than just a meal – it’s a delightful journey of diverse tastes, waiting to be explored. Zeke’s Restaurant is undoubtedly a must-visit spot in Orange Beach that shouldn’t be missed. Contact ALBVR to book your Orange Beach vacation now.

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