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The latest trend coming to the culinary world is a new take on what was once questionable cuisine, the food truck that used to roll into the workplaces of construction and office workers in towns small and large. Today, the food truck world has become a gourmet one, a world in which flavor rules, especially in the Gulf Coast of Alabama. Your stay in our Alabama Beach Vacation Rentals is guaranteed to be a comfortable one and the meals you enjoy will become your newest obsession, especially when you visit the food trucks that we are recommending here!

Making it Easy for Our Guests

Even as the snow may be falling outside the window of your hometown sanctuary, the lazy days of summer are heading toward us and with the beginning of the warm days, a local tradition of food trucks and fun begin in Gulf Shores on the Village Lawn. Located near the Beach Club, the Village Lawn will be the scene of live music, children running willy nilly (Safely, of course!) and a selection of food trucks bringing a chill experience to your Alabama vacation.

Year Round at the  Beach Club

The 3 trucks above are only available in the summer months and you may have noticed there was no food, but that’s ok. The Press Club is available year round at the Beach Club, offering delicious sandwiches that your entire family will love!

Another Gulf Shores Favorite

Beachin’ Eats Food Truck & Catering serves up a carefree vibe that reflects our beach hometown offering a menu filled with burgers, tacos, and a local delicacy they call Totchos! What are Totchos you may ask? A southern version of nachos made with tater tots instead of tortilla chips destined to become your newest favorite dish.

Orange Beach Delights

Your stay in our Orange Beach escapes will be made even lovelier when you choose to follow Villaggio Grille’s food truck. Serving the Italian favorites you have loved your entire life, their brick and mortar restaurant is very much loved by all who visit and their food truck is equally delicious. Located just outside Orange Beach in nearby Foley, Alabama, the Fire Ant Grill has only relatively recently opened, serving Cajun favorites, home made potato chips, and a variety of all-American meals. Foley is also home to Tweeds Food Truck, another all-American favorite that serves burgers, hotdogs, and delicious pulled pork.

A Little Bit of a Drive

As you head up and down the coast of Alabama, you may find yourself in the town of Summerdale, located just a few miles away from our Fort Morgan Beach escapes and offering one of our favorite food trucks in the region. Southern Soul, serves the Southern meals our grandmas and mamas raised us on. Adding a gourmet twist to down home favorites, we know that your Summerdale road trip will be made that much more special simply because you chose to dine with Southern Soul.

The Tour of Food Trucks Ends Here

A is the beginning of the alphabet and the end of this tour when you stop by Anna’s Café, a food truck located not far from Fort Morgan in Gulf Shores and offering the best smoothies in town. Also serving ice cream, frozen yogurt, and providing a refreshing, delicious, and healthy juice bar, this food truck is another one of our summer favorites, helping visitors stay chill on the hottest days of the year.

Bring it Home to Alabama Beach Vacation Rentals

It is true that our Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Fort Morgan vacation sanctuaries offer fully equipped kitchens and many will also provide barbecue grills (either private or community ones) on which you will be able to prepare as many meals as you like. But this is your vacation, and you deserve to rest more and work less! 

Follow any of the food trucks listed above and if you aren’t hanging out at the Village Lawn sitting at picnic tables and listening to music as you watch your kiddos run wild, bring the goodies home to your Alabama hideaway. Most of the other food trucks will offer places to eat nearby, as well, but we know that you will find your happy place with Alabama Beach Vacation Rentals when you choose the home of your dreams today. Contact us today!