There are 56.7 million Americans living with a disability – that is 26% of the population. If you own a vacation rental in the Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan area, taking steps to make it more accessible will mean that you can rent to more people. Outside the property, you can widen pathways and make sure that driveways have even surfaces. Inside the property, consider how to make every day tasks easier for wheelchair users. Even simple adjustments such as lowering cupboard door handles or moving appliances can make all the difference. With some readily achievable changes, your vacation rental will be suitable for everyone to stay in, while they enjoy the beautiful Alabama coast.  Accessibility is extremely important to that portion of our population and it should be important to us as well!

Outdoor landscaping

A safe and inclusive environment around your vacation rental will make it a lot easier for people living with accessibility issues. Landscaping your front yard with large pathways and a wide driveway is best to accommodate wheelchair users. Distinct curbs in the parking area will make it easier to navigate, and you should make sure that patio areas have a smooth surface. Pathways should be clearly lit, so that they can be easily traversed in the evenings and at night, and it is important to consider carefully the materials that you use for your pathways – gravel and wood chips may look nice, but they create an uneven surface. Concrete or wooden pavers gives your property that needed accessibility.  Please consider making some changes soon!

The bathroom

There are several modifications that you can make in the bathroom of your rental property to increase it’s accessibility. Make sure that the flooring that you have laid down is non-slip, this applies to shower floors too. You can also provide your guests with a bath or shower mat to help, as well as a bath seat. Installing a roll-under sink will make the bathroom better for wheelchair users, and fixing hand rails and grips to the wall helps people living with those accessibility issues.

The kitchen

Kitchen accessibility is essential, as the kitchen is the heart of the home. Firstly you should consider the height of all door and cupboard handles – can these be adjusted to make things easier? You should also think about the height of appliances – having a cooker that is built into wall units high up may make it unusable for some guests. Tall countertops, like breakfast bars, are also not practical for wheelchair users. Check your kitchen regularly for obstructions and any sharp or jagged edges, so that you know it is always safe for your guests and those with accessibility issues.

Making some simple, reasonable accessibility adjustments can make a difference in your vacation rental, and make it will make your vacation rental more comfortable to stay in. You will then be able to attract more guests to your property, so that they can enjoy the beauty of the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area.